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Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for an SSL Certificate from

cPanel and WHM (WebHosting Manager)

Follow these instructions to generate a CSR for your Web site. When you have completed this process, you will have a CSR ready to submit to in order to be generated into a SSL Security Certificate.


It is rare that cPanel customers will have direct access to generate their own CSRs and install SSL certificates. If you are a hosting customer and you use cPanel, first check with your hosting provider how you would go about requesting a CSR

WHM (Web Hosting Manager)

WebHost Manager is the control center of the CPanel / WebHost Manager package. It is used to set up and manage accounts. Use WHM to generate your CSR and install your issued certificate.

To generate an SSL certificate:

  1. Click on the Generate an SSL certificate and Signing Request link in the SSL/TLS menu.
  2. Enter the email address to send the certificate to in the Email Address the Cert will be sent to field.
  3. Enter the domain that the domain is being created for in the Host to make cert for field.
    Note: if you enter then this will generate a CSR for, if you want to use then you must enter in this field.
  4. Enter the administration details of the certificate.
    • Country - enter the country code (for a list of country codes see the list)
    • State - enter the State the company is based in
    • City - enter the city the company is based in
    • Company Name - enter the company name
    • Company Division - enter the company name the website the certificate is for ie. if it is the Head Quarters you could enter HQ
    • Email - enter the contact email address you would like visible in the certificate, it may not get seen but if some one questions the security it gives them an address to contact
    • Password - enter the password for the certificate in the Password field.
  5. Click Create, the CSR will be generated and you may copy it off the screen it will also be sent to the Email address you just entered.
  6. You will get two emails sent to you one is the CSR which is required to generate the certificate thats the bit you need to give us in your order. The other is the RSA KEY file which is the key file on the server keep both email as both are important. You will need the information contained in the RSA key to install the Certificate later