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Welcome to the Help Centre, we have set up this page with all the extra information you will need to go through the order process for SSL certificates including a checklist to make sure you have all the information you need before you place an order.

In addition we also have some user guides to walk you through the process for generating a CSR and how to install your certificate for your domain once it is issued.


Below are the available checklists to guide you through the ordering process.

How to generate a CSR guides

Below are the guides for generating a Certificate Signing Request from the most common control panels.

Your Site Seals

RapidSSL Certificates

Display your "Secured by RapidSSL" site seal prominently to ensure your customers are instantly assured that their details will be secured by the SSL provided by your RapidSSL certificate.


Secured by RapidSSL

Secured by RapidSSL

Right click the site seal and choose Save Picture As from the menu, you may then display the image on all pages where required. You may also copy the text below and insert it in the code for the page where you would like your RapidSSL seal to appear

Implement onto your website in a prominent position to ensure your customers do not miss your secured by SSL status.

QuickSSL Premium Certificates

Install QuickSSL Premium Smart Seal
To install your QuickSSL Premium Smart Seal, simply add the following lines to each web page on which you want the QuickSSL Premium seal to appear:

These instructions will retrieve your QuickSSL Premium registration data from the QuickSSL Premium registry server and cause the QuickSSL Premium seal to be displayed on your web page. Remember, the web page on which you place this QuickSSL Premium seal must use exactly the same domain that is in your QuickSSL Premium enrollment application. For instance, if the enrollment is for, then the QuickSSL Premium registration is for that site, and does not include other fully qualified domains like

Important note: Use of the QuickSSL Premium service is subject to the terms and conditions of the QuickSSL Premium Subscriber Agreement. You must agree to those terms and conditions if you use the QuickSSL Premium service. You are indicating your acceptance of that agreement by installing theQuickSSL Premium smart icon on your Web site.

What will it look like, well the real site seal is generated every time so the date will be current it will also link to the GeoTrust website and when clicked it will show the details of your certificate so that visitors to your website can be assured that the certificate has been issued to you and is current. Below is an example of what the site seal looks like.

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Site Seal