Plesk SSL

Plesk Server Administrator version 5

Installing your SSL Certificate / Web Server Certificate / Secure Server Certificate from

Your certificate will be sent to you by email. The email message includes the web server certificate that you purchased in the body of the email message.

Copy the certificate from the body of the email and paste it into a text editor (such as notepad) to create text files.

  1. Log into PSA and choose the domain in which you are installing the SSL certificate.
  2. Access the domain's SSL section by clicking on the 'certificate' button. (If the 'certificate' button is grayed-out, this means the domain is set up for name-based hosting. If you want a domain to utilize all of the SSL capabilities available, that domain must be configured for IP-based hosting.)
  3. When a CSR (certificate signing request) is generated there are two different text sections, the RSA Private Key (which will have been emailed to you by Plesk) and the Certificate Request. When installing a certificate, the RSA Private Key text needs to be pasted into the block preceding the web server certificate issued by


    -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

  4. Paste the Private Key with the Certificate text into the Enter Certificate Text: text box and press the Send Text button.

    Paste the Private Key with the Certificate text into the Enter Certificate Text: text box and press the Send Text button

    There should be a prompt that reads Certificate Successfully Installed.

If there are any errors in PSA the old certificate will replace the new certificate that you have just sent to the server and you will be required to enter it again into the text box. Now click Up Level to return to the Domain Administration page.

Test your certificate by using a browser to connect to your server. Use the https protocol directive (e.g. https://your server/) to indicate you wish to use secure HTTP. Note: The padlock icon on your browser will be displayed in the locked position if your certificates are installed correctly and the server is properly configured for SSL.

Using your SSL Certificate to secure logging into your Plesk Administrator

  1. If you are applying your certificate to the Plesk control panel (in order to secure your login) you will need to login to Plesk Administrator and select Server.
  2. Select Certificate and complete the above instructions as per applying your SSL certificate to a domain.