01 September 2005 - adds extra payment options.
In addition to PayPal, Australian clients now have the option of paying by Direct Deposit for their SSL certificates.

01 July 2005 - introduces QuickSSL Premium.
As an expansion of our product line we have added the QuickSSL Premium certificates. These certificates are issued off the GeoTrust root certificate and come with a dynamic site seal for users to place in a prominent position on their website.

01 July 2005 - Rebrands StarterSSL certificates.
As part of the restructuring of they have changed the name of the StarterSSL certificates to RapidSSL.
As an International Affiliate and reseller of products we also participate in the rebranding of the product.

14 May 2005 - becomes International Affiliate. as an Australian based reseller of selling to the Australian market in AUD is invited to become an International Affiliate.

8 March 2005 - opens its doors.
WEBY Systems launches the stand alone website to sell StarterSSL certificates.